Attending Pregnant Women: Some Do’s and Don’t for Future Dads

Women traditionally have been more emotional and sensitive than the men. And they love being cared and loved. And when a woman becomes pregnant, the love and attention she seeks become even more pronounce. And her man also needs to rise to the occasion and attend to the emotional requirements of pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is no doubt a beautiful stage in a woman’s life. The thought of a life beginning to take form inside her womb gives her some special and unique feelings. However becoming pregnant is not easy. Being pregnant, the mom-to-be undergoes so many changes mentally and physically. There are so many things experienced by the woman such as emotional upheavals, stress, tensions, and anxiety during pregnancy. As such, the future dad should be extra understanding and caring.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts for husbands during pregnancy.

Let’s first start with the do’s. First of all, a dad-to-be should devout more time for her pregnant wife. It is not the best of times to go for business tours or attend late night parties. Rather spend maximum time possible with your pregnant woman. She will feel secured and cared for this way. Secondly, it is not a bad idea to compliment your wife. Women are usually not comfortable when their belly begins to swell and she thinks it spoils her looks.

This can lead to stress during pregnancy and can further lead to pregnancy complications. So make a point to smile at her and tell her that she looks even more beautiful than before. Also, talk about the baby inside the womb. You can talk on topics including baby sex prediction, choosing baby’s name, choosing the toys to buy etc. This way she thinks you are as much excited and happy about the baby.

And here are the don’ts for future dads. Never pass comments like “you look fat” or “you have put on so much weight”. Women are very much concern about weight gain during pregnancy. Rather than passing these comments you can compliment her and tell her that she looks more beautiful during pregnancy. Secondly, don’t let her perform stressful and physically demanding activities. Also, don’t fight or argue with her. This will affect her psychologically and also does no augur well for the baby. Lastly, never leave your pregnant wife alone. She needs your company, love, and care.