Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms – How To Identify

Identifying Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms may not be difficult after all; you need not to be a psychologist just to recognize a person who is suffering from such disorder. However, such disorder cannot be distinguished when the carrier is still a youngster,

it can only be manifested once the child starts going to school. As one of the  requirements of school age kids is to learn how to be organized and focused during class, it is during this age that the symptoms eventually starts to be seen. The child’s failure to extend his full concentration on a certain task,

especially if he finds it quite boring; is just one of the imminent symptoms that a teacher should be able to be aware of. And this is considered as one of the characteristic sign of an attention deficit disorder, along with being distracted by simple noises or distracting things which eventually will become noticeable as the child grow up.

Here are other Attention deficit disorder Symptoms that can be seen at those who are suffering from such ailment.

Lack of focus and concentration- Such symptom however can be preventive so long as you give the child activities that may invigorate its interests from time to time, Short attention span only happens when the child gets bored or find the activity uninteresting.

Children suffering from such disorder are known to have a certain part of their brain called the frontal cortex to actually shut down when concentrating, however, studies shows that by using brain SPECT images on kids with ADD at rest and concentration supports such claim.

Through this study you can actually see how the patient’s brain reacts and the sudden lack of adrenaline which is the required substance to trigger an inactive part of ones brain.

Can be easily Distracted- Children carrying such disorder is known to have a an allergic reaction to their surroundings, it is because they are fully consumed or attached to their own kind of environment that makes it difficult for them to concentrate on what they are suppose to do.

A flying bird passing by the window, somebody sneezes and even a simple contact of their own clothing can easily distract them.

Spontaneous in talking which most of the times
lead them into trouble with friends, their teachers, family members and to the extent of breaking the law; It is because they have the impulse to act on something without even thinking about its consequences before doing such action.

This alone can cause a person or a child to have a very low self esteem, which is a constant struggle for them and eventually affects people that surround them.