Authoritative Parenting For Proper Results

Authoritative ParentingIt is commonly believed that authoritative parenting, which is devoid of physical punishment, has positive impacts on the psyche of children. Children who are raised in authoritative parenting households score higher on social developments, competence, mental health, and self-image.

This difference is evident in varied aspects like psychosocial development, better behavior modification and academic achievement. Authoritative parenting usually sends a positive message. It leads to nurture the confidence level of kids and results in proper grooming of attitudes and skills.

Ways to Conduct Authoritative Parenting

Be Demanding Yet Responsive

The first step to authoritative parenting is to be demanding but also responsive when your child needs you. You should be flexible with your children but also ensure that they get their chores done. You can tell your children to complete their chores first and then become involved in leisure activities. By doing so, you will allow you children to exercise their own choices and teach them time management as well. You do not need to involve any kind of punishment in such a method of authoritative parenting.

Avoid Being Restrictive

When engaging in authoritative parenting, you must learn to control your children without being restrictive. You should give your kids a choice between a set of activities, which are very similar in nature. If both the activities have to be done, you can ask them which activity they would prefer doing first. This is an authoritative parenting method, which will yield fruitful results.

Be Involved

You need to be involved in your child’s activities if you are going to conduct authoritative parenting with success. You should go shopping with your children or consider making dinner for them on a regular basis. If you are bringing your work home, then you should do it in the presence of your children while they do their homework. You should utilize the time that you have with your children to impart values. This is a crucial authoritative parenting method. You should also ask them about how they spend their entire day and what new incidents are occurring in their lives.

Be Interested

When taking part in authoritative parenting, you should show your children that you are very interested in what they are doing. You should try to attend the extra curricular events and activities in which they take part in school. You should check their homework on a regular basis. If you take interest in your children’s lives then they will also take note of this fact. This will have positive results on both the home as well as school front.

Teach Your Children to Focus Their Passions

You must teach your children how to make the most of their own potential. Authoritative parenting involves discussing problems and finding solutions together. You can talk to your children about how you make your own decisions in this process. You can for example, reveal your thoughts when you are negotiating play time versus homework time, during authoritative parenting.

You need to tell your children what you want in order to arrive at a fair solution. You have to tell them what they need to do and the deadline by which they have to finish it. You can ask your children how they are going to accomplish their goals, guide their decision-making process, and remind them when they need to change their activities.

Keep the Channels of Communication Open

The art of authoritative parenting requires keeping the communication channels open. Authoritative parenting involves listening to the viewpoints of your child and letting him explain how or why he did something. This will help you to build a communication with your child that is guaranteed to last for lifetime. When your child’s reasoning or explanation does not appear to fall within the behavior rules you set for him, then you can give him a better choice, which he can exercise the next time.

Teach Your Children to Focus Their Passions

You have to teach your children how they should focus their passion. This is a very important aspect of authoritative parenting. When your children begin learning rules, they will spend their entire childhood testing these rules. So you have to be alert as to what sort of rules are being tested when they occur. You have to help your child build acceptance, trust as well as a fantastic self image.

You need to enable your children to go ahead and explore new things. A few of these new things could be your choices and a few could be their choices. As your children grow up, more and more choices ought to be theirs. You must prevent them from committing themselves to these activities for the long term. You will not really teach them to stand by something. Rather, you will teach them to do things that they do not really feel like doing.

Teach Your Children Self Respect

You must teach your children to respect themselves. Authoritative parenting involves teaching your child personal safety. Your children must be able to tell what clothes a particular person was wearing, how family members can be reached as well as the time by which they are expected to be back in their homes. This is quite easy, given the wide range of modern communication devices that are available.

Practice What You Preach

You should live by what you say. This is an integral part of authoritative parenting. You cannot talk about how you fooled your boss and then expect your children to be upright and virtuous in their ways of live. If you are experiencing particularly difficult choices, you need to talk about why you followed a specific path.

By doing so, you will help your children to see the ethical and moral decisions that you make along the way. You can discuss the songs that you listen to with your children and the movies that you watch with them. You can discuss the content of the movies and the lyrics of the songs that show models of bad as well as good decisions.

Thus, various ways are there by which you can go about the task of authoritative parenting. If you keep these authoritative parenting tips in mind, then you will be able to raise your children successfully. Your authoritative parenting methods will result in your kids becoming balanced and well-developed individuals.

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