Autism And Your Child

Autism is a disease that is does not hamper the brain development of a child but it delays it. It is an illness that hampers your child’s ability to socially communicate. They lack in the ability of constructing thoughts about the world around them and build relationships.
They like a normal child find difficulty in making eye contact, building conversation and have restricted interest. These differently able children maintain a low profile emotionally and therefore, do not connect easily even with their parents. This pervasive development disorder’s symptoms can be deducted before a child turns 3.

Autism basically occurs due to genetic disorders, difficulties occurred during birth and brain infections. Medical science till date has not discovered any curing method for this illness but a well-structured environment for these children can help them in behaving normally. Parents and family members have to be patient enough to make their child competent and acceptable in the world.

Education: You need to realize the fact that these children are not mentally retarded so, they should be treated like a normal child. The parents should analyze their child’s interest and design the teaching background in that manner. An Autistic child’s grasps and remembers things fast than a normal kid. Moreover, education will help these children in expanding their range of being friendly.

Behavior analysis: Autistic kids are hypersensitive and frustrated because of their inability to communicate about their needs. During the behavior assessment the therapist understands and evaluates their responses to certain things and environment and then, help in doing modifications. The behavior sessions thus, makes an autistic child more versed with the surroundings.

Dialogue therapy: An autistic child like a normal kid is deficient in verbal-communication. Their speech and language thus, act as a hurdle in constructing new relationships and discourage their imagination power as well. Because of this weakness they therefore, disconnect themselves from the crowd. The verbal therapy helps them to put their thoughts more accurately and contribute in raising their confidence and thinking power.

Medicines: There are no prescribed prescriptions for treating the disorder but Psychiatrist instruct to give dose of Risperdal to calm the anxiety levels of the autistic child.