Autism In Babies

Having a baby is a great joy. It also involves a large amount of responsibility as the child grows. As each day passes, your baby grows physically and mentally. While nature’s course could often be taken for granted that it would go on the right track, there are often complications. Autism is one such complication that could affect a child’s life adversely. This is a complex disorder of the brain leading to impairment of mental development.

This is one of the worst conditions that could affect a child, as there is no known cure for autism, and the child would have to live with the condition. Apart from this, severe cases of autism could also reduce the lifespan of a child, drastically. While the degree of autism might vary from child to child, early detection of the condition can curb the advancement of mental deterioration. Knowing more about this condition is vital in order to identify symptoms in your child and take the needed steps to give your child a lease on life.

Medical professionals state that they cannot presently label the causes of autism with precision. However, they do state that genetics and environment have a role in this condition. There is evidence that autism could be hereditary and children born to rather old parents, primarily an older father, tend to be at risk. As far as the environment is concerned, certain toxic chemicals to which the child might be exposed to, could cause impaired brain development, thereby leading to autism.


The primary symptom of autism in babies is with regard to communication. Verbal as well as non-verbal communication might be affected, with spoken language development being delayed or even non-existent. In toddlers who attempt to speak, there could be problems in gesticulating. Another sign of autism is impairment of social skills of the child.

There would be a lack of interest in surroundings and the child would always be in his/ her own world, as it were. The child would also suffer from lack of response to human attention, stereotypical behavior and obsessions towards unusual objects. Also observed in children who suffer from autism are repetitive gestures that do not befit their age.

While there is no specific treatment for autism, medical professionals are of the opinion that the earlier the condition is detected, the chances of curbing further mental deterioration is higher. Therefore, it is vital to watch out for warning signs of autism as your baby grows.

Joy Natarajan