Avoid Alcohol And Drugs During Pregnancy

Drugs During PregnancyPregnancy is a crucial stage of a woman’s life, and so during this time it is very important that she leads a healthy lifestyle. She must not only eat food that is nutritious, but she should exercise on a regular basis and also take adequate rest. A pregnant woman is responsible for her unborn baby. Hence, she should avoid anything that is harmful for him/her, like alcohol and drugs.

When Should A Woman Stop Drinking Alcohol And Why?

Most women know that drinking heavily while pregnant is harmful and can result in a wide range of mental, as well as physical birth defects.But what most people do not realize is that drinking alcohol in moderate or less amounts can also be harmful for the fetus.

So it is recommended that a woman must prohibit drinking liquor that have alcoholic content like wine and beer through the entire period of pregnancy and even while they are nursing. To remain on the safe side, a woman should stop drinking alcohol when she is attempting to conceive a baby.

How Can Drugs and Alcohol Harm A Pregnant Woman?

All types of drugs that are illegal like, cocaine, heroin and many more are extremely dangerous for women who are pregnant. Firstly, taking such drugs will affect the pregnant woman’s health, as well as her unborn baby and may result in a miscarriage or premature birth. There are certain drugs that can cause a person to lose the ability to give birth to young ones or to bear babies.

Drugs During Pregnancy

The first ten weeks of pregnancy is very crucial for the development of various systems and organs of the unborn baby.Taking alcohol and drugs during this stage can result in the malformation of the limbs, heart, as well as facial features of the fetus.

FSDs (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) which may have mild, as well as severe effects like learning problems, mental retardation and emotional problems occur when a pregnant mother continues drinking alcohol. FAS or fetal alcohol syndrome is the most severe type of effect which is a combination of both mental, as well as physical birth defects. Drinking alcohol during the time of pregnancy can even result in stillbirth.

What Happens When A Pregnant Woman Takes Drugs Like Methamphetamine and Cocaine?

Taking Methamphetamine and Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system of a person. When pregnant mothers take such drugs her appetite gets suppressed and other drastic type of forces are also exerted on the mother’s body which causes constriction of the blood vessels, the blood pressure soars and the heart starts beating faster.

Drugs During Pregnancy

The development of the fetus may get hindered and there is a high risk of suffering premature labor, miscarriage and abruption placentae (the placenta gets partially separated from the wall of the uterus and bleeding is caused).

If a woman takes drugs during the later period of her pregnancy, as a result she may give birth to a baby that is dependent on drugs and therefore the baby may suffer from various withdrawal symptoms like sleeplessness, tremors, difficulty in suckling etc. Experts also believe that such babies may later face difficulty in learning.

Bunty Agarwal