Avoid Certain Foods During Breast Feeding For A Healthy Child

It is important to make a note of what we eat during breast feeding of our child as it affects our child greatly. Mothers should be very careful to take note of certain food substances that has a history of food allergy in their family.

The general cause of food allergies are from milk products and also soy, shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, egg whites, citrus fruits, and food additives. The general notion is that we are allergic to a certain food but the fact remains that were actually intolerant about the particular food substance.

Researchers have shown that a baby can be affected by the allergens that are prevalent in the breast milk. If the parent is allergic to certain food substance, chances are that the baby will also be allergic to it. Whenever ever a baby shows symptoms of being very restless or is excessively vomiting, colic or rashes or congestion then probably it is a signal that the baby is sensitive to something in the diet.

However if the baby calms down after feeding then you can always rule out the symptoms of food allergy. Breast feeding often reduces food allergies in the baby as breast milk acts as a barrier in the intestines and makes it difficult for allergens to cause any problems. There are certain foods that can be avoided during pregnancy as studies have proved that this food substance does leave an impact on some mothers.

A mother who has a family history of milk intolerance should try and skip milk during breast feeding. The allergic reactions in a child are eczema or dry, rough, red skin patches with weeping sores. Milk also increases the chances of releasing colic-inducing element, beta-lacto globulin in the child.

Eggs in any form should be avoided. Peanuts are also to be avoided as many children often develop peanut allergy. Capsaicin or Red pepper also increases the chances of perianal rash in the baby. Fish should be avoided altogether if the mother has reacted to fish in the past.

Apart from that cauliflower, broccoli, beans, brussel sprouts and citrus fruits also have tendencies to cause allergies .Rich, spicy and deep fried food should also be avoided as the baby’s digestive system might get upset. Caffeine intake should also be reduced.

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