Avoid Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy

Chamomile tea is known all over as a ‘highly refreshing tea’. This tea helps to improve digestion, sleeping disorders and relieve cramps in the stomach. But can pregnant women actually drink this tea or are there any real hazards to it? There are no hard and fast rules which states that women cannot drink chamomile tea during pregnancy.

Drinking this kind of tea is in itself an enjoyable experience. This is because chamomile tea has a unique flavor that refreshes your senses. But if a pregnant woman indulges in excessive drinking of chamomile tea then that is a major cause for worry. Chamomile is actually a herb, the flowers of which are used for making the tea. Herbs in excess are always dangerous. Several cups of chamomile tea can cause pregnancy complications including abortion.

In order to stay away from any kind of complications always indulge in moderate intake of chamomile tea. In fact, this tea has some good effects too. During pregnancy, nausea is a common feeling and chamomile tea helps to get rid of that. One feature that actually helps the chamomile tea to score over the herbal medicines is the low concentration of herbs. The herbs used in tea only act as flavor enhancers.

Side Effects

The chamomile tea has some side effects on the uterus. Hence, pregnant women can have this only once in a while. Chamomile tea and pregnancy do not go hand in hand and it is always preferable to get a recommended dosage from the doctor. Chamomile tea leads to contraction of uterus. Though at the time of delivery contraction of uterus is necessary but in other circumstances it might cause miscarriage.


Pregnant women can have this tea in the initial stages of pregnancy but that too once in a while. If you can refrain from drinking it then it will be better for you. However, many expecting mother have this tea to get relief from nausea. But considering the side effects it is always better to stay away from this tea. But always remember that whenever you have chamomile tea always go for a reputed brand. The label may state that chamomile tea is ‘pregnancy tea’, it is always better to have a doctor’s advice before taking the first sip.