Avoid Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Before I start off with this topic let me make clear one point that it is impossible to avoid weight gain during pregnancy.You will end up putting on at least few pounds for sure.But i can definitely guide you about how to gain minimal weight during pregnancy.

An average women can gain somewhere around 18-28 pounds.But this should increase for underweight people.Overweight women should take extra precautions to not avoid weight gain during pregnancy.Because pregnancy weight is not easy to shed.Try your best to avoid putting any other weight apart from your baby’s.

You do not have to go as per the outdated
myth that you have to eat for two.The truth is you have to eat for one only and towards the advancing stages of pregnancy you can increase your intake of calories by 200-300 calories to avoid weight gain during pregnancy.

First of all, to avoid weight gain during pregnancy you should start monitoring your intake of food.Do not give in to your cravings all the time and make it a point to eat less of junk, sweet and sugary foods.Eat a healthy well balanced diet.You can also include lean meat and fish in your diet.

Opt for brown foods instead of white foods as brown foods are healthy.Whenever hunger pangs strikes then munch on your favorite fruits and dry fruits how much ever you want.This will avoid weight gain during pregnancy and will also keep your intake of vital nutrients up to date.

Almonds are amazing for pregnancy as it contains folic acid which is required during pregnancy and it is also known to contain lot of fiber which makes you feel full fast and hence controls weight.Drink lots of water to avoid weight gain during pregnancy and to stay hydrated also.

To avoid weight gain make it a point to give some exercise to your body.Go for brisk walks for about 30 minutes every day.You can also go for swimming and some other light forms of cardio exercises.Also keep monitoring your weight time to time to keep track of how much weight you have gained.

This will avoid weight gain during pregnancy.Come what may never starve yourself during pregnancy as that may cause whole lot of other problems.Make sure you follow these measures and avoid weight gain during pregnancy.