Avoid Your Child’s Misbehavior

When you and your child visit your friends or relatives, or you travel some distance from home, a little advance preparation on your part will encourage good behavior in your little one.

Your youngster may be uneasy over the prospect of the unfamiliar, not knowing what lies in store or how she should behave. Let her bring along her doll or a few favorite playthings, packed perhaps in her own little bagTell her what you expect and explain to her how she might feel and react. Always focus on the positive aspects of the visit.

Permit your child some choice in activities.Choosing help improve your child’s decision making skills and encourages independence as well as good behavior.It will also tell you something about her evolving competence and changing needs and show you how to adjust her schedule to take these into account.

When offering choices, however, make sure you present real options, especially since these determine behavior. “You can both play outside without throwing sand at your sister, or you can come inside and play in your room alone” is the kind of clear statement that offers the child a chance to decide for herself what behavior to adopt.

Children, of course, model much of their behavior on that of their parents, but they learn not just by example but they need to know why parents approve of some kinds of behavior and not of others.. Be prepared to tell your child the reasons for your action as often as you can so that she will understand why she should adopt your values and emulate your behavior.

Point out to your youngster that some behaviors are appropriate in some situation and inappropriate in another.Talking out loud may be all right in the street, but it is not all right at a place of worship or a library.Make sure that what you teach and how you act are in agreement –otherwise, you will leave your child confused.

Good communication promotes good behavior for the simple reason that the child who knows your expectations can more easily live up to them. Discussions are a fine way to get your message across and hear your child as well.

geeta krishnan