Avoiding Breast Infections While Nursing Babies

Breast feeding is a very joyful experience for every mother.However, if nursing mothers do not take care of their breasts while feeding, then this may lead to various breast related infections and hence end of premature feeding. Improper latching, positioning, full breast etc leads to breast infections .

So, mothers should be alert and check her breasts from time to time so that she can deal with infection on time.

There is a common saying ‘Prevention is better than cure.’So, it’s always better to follow certain tips and avoid breast infections.

While nursing babies, mothers should make sure that their baby gets sufficient milk and empties her breast fully. For this, mothers should position her baby correctly such that the infant is able to suck milk completely till the end. Because, unused milk in the breast remains stagnant and develops a plugged ducts.

Very tight clothes or bras leads to sore breasts and plugged ducts.So, nursing mothers should always wear correct size of nursing bras .It should neither be very tight nor very loose. It should provide proper support to the breasts.

Putting pressure on breasts also lead to plugged ducts. So, breast feeding moms should avoid compressing the breasts while feeding their babies or otherwise.

Proper latching helps the baby to enjoy their breast feed.So; mothers should position their babies in comfortable and correct position such that they are able to empty the breast completely. This helps to avoid breast engorgement.

Nursing babies frequently helps to empty the breast frequently and thus prevent from breast engorgement. So, mothers should avoid bottle feeding or pacifiers etc.

To avoid sore nipples, moms should practice proper latching and positioning their babies while breast feeding them.

Mastitis is caused by bacteria because of improper washing of hands before breast feeding or usage of unclean breast pump. It leads to soreness and pain. Its treatment includes continued breast feeding along with doctor’s medication for pain.

To avoid infections, lactating mothers should keep themselves hydrated and hence should increase their intake of fluids and should take rest.

In spite of taking precautions, when mothers develop—

Plugged ducts, then they should continue with breast feeding and should vary her nursing positions .This helps to break the clog and provide relief.

Warm massage and compress while breast feeding helps to solve the issue of breast engorgement.

For breast soreness, moms should continue their breast feeding and consult doctor.

Tips –

Wipe your nipples with warm water after each nursing. This prevents milk from drying on the nipple and clogging the milk ducts.

Regular self examination,In case of fever and pain, must visit the doctor.

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Raka Raghuvanshi