Avoiding Pregnancy During The Stages Of Menopause

There are three different stages in menopause; each and every stage is different and equally important. The first stage is the perimenopause where the individual would face a lot of irregularities in the period cycle.

The second stage is the main menopausal stage where the woman would not have experienced periods for more than twelve months and this stage is accompanied by symptoms like decrease in the level of estrogen and would face various mood swings.

The last and final stage is the postmenopause where the individual would suffer from the threats of osteoporosis, however proper visits to the doctor will help them. Among the three stages, during the perimenopause stage, pregnancy is certainly possible.

This is when the woman faces irregularity and in most cases, they will not be using any contraception or take any safety measures during sexual activities. Women have to keep in mind that ovulation still takes place during this phase.

Getting pregnant is very common during this stage and it is ultimately safe to become pregnant at this stage. So if you want to enjoy sex but want to avoid pregnancy, the best way is to use contraceptive.

As the age of the woman increases, the chance of getting pregnant becomes less. During this period, doctors would advice woman to have safe sex. Irrespective of this advice there are women who still ignore contraception during this period.

Also, during this period the number of abortions is more because of untimely pregnancy. This is very clear that both menopause and pregnancy go hand in hand. Many have wrong notion that because of irregular periods, there is no chance of pregnancy.

There are not many options once you become pregnant. You have the choice of either bringing out the child or abort. Menopause itself is a very difficult time to deal with and to take decisions of either continuing with the pregnancy or aborting it would add difficulties.

It adds to a lot of emotional stress of the individual and when there is the case of pregnancy added then the stress level can definitely increase. Hence if you are interested and intending to have a child then you have to be more concerned during the first stage of menopause, the perimenopause. But if you want to avoid pregnancy, you have to be extra careful during perimenopause.