Babies’ Sleep Patterns: Crucial Facts For Mothers

It is a given that if your baby had slept well during the night, you didn’t sleep a wink. That is how babies are made: to keep you awake the nights. For all that you love your baby more, don’t you? Sleep is a most important part of life, especially in a baby’s life. Do not kid yourself that you are ever going get a full night’s sleep until your baby is at least a year old. Sleeping patterns will progressively change as the baby grows older.

Babies have smaller stomachs than us and cannot hold milk for hours.  They get hungry in a jiffy and there you are again at it. They wake up 4 or 5 times during the night crying for milk.  And, diaper change too would require it to wake up and cry. So, it follows that your baby has not slept well last night and every other night.

Babies do not really differentiate between day and night.  For them, it is one feeding to another to one more that is all.  This will be routine for 4 months. However there are some exceptional cases also, from the day one they do take at stretch sleep at night demanding for food only once or twice.

When the baby is of 4 months, its natural development starts distinguishing between day and night. So it tends to sleep mostly through the night. You may at the most have to feed it twice. It usually sleeps for 8 to 10 hours leaving you in peace and to have your night’s fill. During day, it takes three or four naps.

During the period between
4 and 10 months, the baby starts reducing the day hours’ sleep to two naps. It starts seriously to consider the environs and people and activities going on around it. As night falls, it falls asleep and sleeps through the night for 9 or 10 hours. From 10th to 12th month, your baby sleeps sound and you can have a peaceful night. Days too are spent mostly frolicking and watching and when tired, sleeping.One year gone? Get ready for the next baby!