Babies Who Need Special Care

Not all babies are born full term and healthy. Due to various reasons, babies can suffer from various problems. These problems may sometimes be caused due to the mother’s lack of care as she may have been smoking or consuming alcohol through her pregnancy.

Some babies may be born with a low birth weight. Children with a low birth weight are also very thin. You may actually be able to see their bones. These babies need to be kept in an incubator where they can be kept warm and also their temperature needs to be regulated. babies who are very small need to be kept warm as they will grow much faster. These babies are usually born with great difficulty and they also have breathing problems.

Mothers who suffer from diabetes are more likely to have children who experience breathing difficulties. Sometimes, the baby might need to be given oxygen. Blood smaples might need to be taken in order to check the amount of oxygen in the baby’s blood to see if it is sufficient.

There are still some babies who are born with low blood sugar. This is also more common if the mother is diabetic. A baby with low blood sugar may have to be put on a glucose drip.

Certain children are also born with jaundice. This is not very dangerous and is quite common. It usually happens in the first three days of life. A baby suffering from jaundice should be kept in sunlight and should be given more feeds by the mother. Even when put in the sunlight, the baby’s eyes should be covered so as not to damage the eyes.

All the babies who need special care should be given to the mother to nurse as often as possib;le. if the baby is unable to suck, he is given a tube which is passed from his nostril in to his stomach. Parents are very disheartened when they see their baby having these problems. They seem very fragile and helpless. seeing the machines around them can also cause the parents much discomfort. Most hospitals will allow the mother to stay close to the baby at this special time.