Baby Bliss at Eighteen Months

By the time your baby is one and a half, there will be a lot of change in him. He should be able to walk around comfortably now, and will spend most of his waking time going around the house.  While walking, he will also be experimenting with going backwards, although he would only be able to take two or three steps at a time.

Your child should also be running, but will be very cautious around bends, changes in level, and at new places. He will still be scared, so you should be around him as much as you can.

The toddler should be able to carry one or two things around with him when he moves. You will rarely find him with his hands empty. He will love being around stairs. He will look or support and go up and down as many times as he possibly can. Be around him for support, and let him climb. This will help him get more steady, and is also good exercise for him.

Your house will be chaotic. Your child will look to push everything around as much as he can. Do not expect a quiet moment as long as your baby is awake.

A one and a half year old should be able to pick up even the smallest objects carefully and easily. He will try to start eating with a spoon by himself. Allow him to make a mess, as this will help him teach himself faster. You will notice that he is enjoying the playing more than the food, but be patient.

Your child should be able to listen closely when you talk to him. Although he may not respond vocally, he is following everything you say. Explain things patiently. He should be able to remember where he has put things, and can help you look for your things around the house too.

Your baby should know where his nose is, and can also point to yours. He will show a lot of interest in the body and it’s functions. This is a good time to start explaining the potty and how he must also urinate in the bathroom.

Your child will look for a lot of time, attention and support. He will want you around more, and will also get more fussy. You might also notice your baby developing a temper. He will also be more vocal and show his affection by hugging and kissing you more.