Baby Bliss in Month Four

Your baby is now a very curious child and wants to know more and more about his surroundings. You will find him being able to co ordinate his arms and legs and will also begin to hold his toes with his fingers. He will be able to recognize familiar people including his grandparents.

It would be a good idea by now to prop him up against two or three pillows and allow him to be in that position for a while. You will still need to support him as he may fall onto the side. He is not yet able to sit or support himself on his own.

By this time, he does not like to be left alone and wants company. He may cry when left alone. You will actually be able to hear him laughing when you do silly things in front of him. He will understand breast feeding and get very excited when you take him for a feed. Increase the number of toys in his cot, and allow him to reach for his various toys. Give him rattles so that he can shake them and make a noise. Do lots of overacting in front of your child as he will simply squeal in delight.

Constantly repeat sound that he makes, and lay lots of peek a boo with him. When you play this with him, you will find him move his head from side to side trying to look for you and trying to understand where the sound is coming from. Keep a string of toys attached to his pram when you go out and change it regularly. You can hold his hands and you will find him trying to lift himself up, but he will not be able to do more than just lift his head. You will need to push him up.

Laugh and cry with your baby when he does. You can begin to show him one page picture books, an he will slowly begin to remember the pictures and enjoy the repetition of the same books. Make more time for your baby, as he needs you.