Baby Care For First Time Parents

You have read all the books on baby care, heard all possible advises from doctors and elders and now it’s finally time to use them. Bringing home your newborn can be a hectic and stressful experience for any new parent. Keep in mind few important pointers and you’ll find the first couple of months easy.

Babies Cry:

Crying is their method of communicating with you and unlike popular belief babies don’t cry all the time. It’s the only way they know how to inform you about any discomfort they are feeling. Slowly you’ll learn how to differentiate between their hungry cry and sleepy cry. If your baby is crying incessantly, despite of being fed, then take him to the doctor immediately.

Baby Clothes:

The best fabric option is cotton, since it is very breathable and can be easily cleaned. Also, with messy feeding times and frequent bowel movements, you’ll need to have several sets of clothing available to keep them clean and comfortable. They need to be kept warm and you can use fabrics like polyester or fleece for layering up. Changing


You’ll notice that most of your day is spent in changing diapers and with the variety of brands available in market you may find the choice difficult. The best option is to choose a reusable cotton diaper; they are affordable, breathable and very comfortable for your baby. Clean and wipe their private parts well to prevent any infection. For the girls, separate the fold and gently wash from front to back and use a soft cloth to wipe dry.

For the boys, wash penis and the folds near the scrotum; remember not to push back the foreskin of an uncircumcised baby. Also you may notice that for first couple of days your baby’s stool is black, this is the intestinal build up that his body is clearing, breastfeeding will help your baby clear all of this built up faster.


Babies should be fed at regular intervals, feed them at the same time everyday and they too will get used to the schedule after couple of weeks. Breast milk is the best food for newborns, they help built their immunity and strength. Burp tem after every feed so that there’s no built up of gas.

These are few basic tips for a new parent, it’s a two person job and if you and your partner share the responsibility, you’ll master baby care within weeks.

Meera M.Das