Baby Care in Month Six

Your child by now will be able to hold a toy in one hand and also be able to move the object to the other hand. He will be able to put the object down and pick up another one. He will be able to hold the bottle by himself while feeding.

If you have been constantly calling the baby by his own name, he will now begin to respond to the name. He loves repetition, and will be able to concentrate more on what you are saying and doing. Babies love company and love to be in the company of other babies. He will feel very insecure when left alone, so make sure you are around him for security. He will have more control over his fingers and will be able to use his fingers to pick up toys. He can hold them in either hand rather than only in one. He may begin to make sounds, and you notice a difference in his pitch when he cries.

You will see that when he is lying of his back, he will try and lift his head up, and will try and sit by himself when you try and pull him up. He would have started semi solid foods and would be able to sit propped up against pillows while eating. Give him a spoon and allow him to experiment with his food.

Talk to your baby in melodic tones and make him look in front of the mirror so as to examine himself. Give him toys which are easy to hold and catch. He needs lots of attention and physical bonding. He is a lot more responsive so exhibit him to strangers more carefully. You can start playing tickling games with him through nursery rhymes.

When he is lying on his stomach keep interesting toys in front of him and encourage him to crawl towards it. Lie on the floor or the bed with the baby and move your arms and feet in silly ways and encourage your baby to do the same. This can be a fun filled time for you and the baby