Baby’s Delivery Methods: Understanding Before Entering Into Labor Room

Delivery time is very essential and one has to be very alerts about miner details and preparation. From maternity bags to all the necessary medication and appropriate food must be handy. All the mentioned preparation shall be very useful and won’t create the panic before entering into delivery room.

Above tangible objects one thing which should be part of information is types and methods of deliveries so that one can prepare themselves mentally. Infact as you come close to delivery time you must take some sittings with your doctor and discuss the delivery types and have complete understanding of procedure before entering into labor room.

Although majority of women go under normal delivery pain and deliver the baby, however with advancement in science there are some of the methods which have been discovered and bring into practice for absolutely safe and comfortable delivery.


Under this method artificial pains have been generated. Carefully a sharp instrument has been inserted through uterus mouth to burst the amniotic sake. Some of the doctors also provide the drips into intervenes which creates the contract in uterus and help in squeezing the fetus to move out.


Under this method a skin called perineum has been cut which lays under the vagina, baby’s head very smoothly comes out and delivery becomes bit less tedious procedure. After delivery the skin is being stitched back.

Forceps delivery

This method is utilized only for critical cases where baby’s head is struck due to small passage for exit, baby’s head tangled in mother’s fallopian cord or child is in upturned position.  After injecting the anesthesia small cut under the belly and baby comes out from mother’s womb.


This operation has been performed after injecting anesthesia in back bone, infact today it has become very normal delivery method where without any pain and normal operation child’s birth takes place.  Infact one more invention has got revolution in this field; child’s birth through epidural. This is absolutely painless normal child birth method. Under this method a medicine has been injected in back bone to remove the pain  yet woman fells the contraction and deliver the child alike normal method.