Baby Diapers: Disposable Or Cloth Make Right Choice

Babies essentially have about the worst toilet habits in the world! They do not mind doing it in the crib, on the bed or even upon your arms. All the same, you do not hold it against it but you clean it up promptly! Before doing that you have to dress it up with diapers.

What diapers are good for the baby? There are two types, cloth and disposable. Both would do the job admirably. It is only to be expected that the cloth ones ware far cheaper than the disposable ones.

Cloth diapers are meant for repeat use. They are made of cotton, flannel or terry. They come with Velcro that fastens around the hip. Safety pins are also attached to them. They have covers too. The cloth diaper does not absorb moisture fully and so the baby feels uncomfortable and may start crying, until you change the diaper.

Though economical, many women would feel it is a bother washing them again and again. And, you can not very well wash them with other clothes nor can you wait a while lest it starts spreading the odor around. Finding a place of storage for the used diaper is irritating too.

On the other hand, disposable diapers, used by almost the whole army of mothers, is more comfortable for the baby. This is because it does not have moisture on the surface.  It is easy to use but is more expensive. You use it once and just throw it away. These days various forms are also available in market from side strips to pants style, and as per the baby comfort mothers can make the selection of diapers.

How to change the diaper? Wash your hands first. Place the diaper on the table.  Placing the baby on the changing table tummy up, hold both legs together and change the fresh diaper. Keep aside the soiled one. Gently wipe the whole area, front to back. Place the bay flat on the diaper on the table. Fasten the diaper with Velcro or safety pins. Wash your hands with soap.

Both disposable
and repeated usable dippers come with their negative and positive. With disposable once there are chances of developing rashes and it not changed on proper interval may be cause irritation. Needless to mention cloth diapers are comfortable but it is not advisable to sue them at night since after urination mamma may not come to know child is wet and this may be reason for cold and fever next day. Hence depending upon situation makes sue of both the options.