Baby Feeding Schedule

When you bring home your newborn, you want to ensure that you give your baby the best to keep him healthy and happy.

Creating a feeding schedule for the baby helps parents ensure that they provide their newborn with enough food and nourishment to help him grow and remain healthy.

When drawing up a feeding schedule for your child, you have to consider the immature digestive system of your newborn.

Pediatricians advise mothers to breastfeed their newborns till around four months of the baby’s life. Breast milk contains an adequate mix of nutrition and antibodies that help build the child’s immune system that helps him fight diseases and keeps him strong and healthy. If breast milk is unavailable then formula milk can be an excellent substitute.

You can check if your baby is getting enough nutrition by keeping a tab on your newborn’s weight. Ideally in the first three months a healthy baby should gain around five to ten ounces a week.

He should have frequent bowel movements and wet diapers around six to eight times. Most newborns will breastfeed around six to twelve times a day. You can find the baby sucking his hands, moving his lips or stirring and stretching or crying when hungry.

By four to six months you can supplement the breast milk with rice cereal that is rich in iron. Just mix rice cereal with breast milk or formula milk and feed your baby. The consistency of this mix can be gradually thickened. At this stage you find the baby holding his head up, show interest in food and make chewing motions.

At six months of age, solids can be introduced in your baby’s diet. So in addition to the above foods include pureed and strained fruits like apples, bananas and pears. Mashed potatoes, carrots and spinach can also be included in the baby’s diet.

When you baby is around eight to ten months old he will be able to pick things, transfer them and move the jaw for chewing food. You can now introduce finger foods like teething crackers, natural fruit juices, small amounts of yogurt and cheese.

Proteins like boneless fish, ground meat along with other food combinations like macaroni and cheese can be introduced once your baby is around twelve months

Parul Solanki