Baby Gender Prediction with Ultrasound

Many pregnant women find their ultrasound really exciting especially since it gives a clue of the baby gender. Even if not for baby gender prediction, ultrasound can be exciting as it gives you a glimpse of your unborn baby cuddling inside your womb. For many reasons, arising out of unwarranted fear, some women do not favor going for an ultrasound.

They probably fear that the pushing around and putting of pressure on your abdomen during an ultrasound may hurt the baby inside. Or may be they fear that the gel used during ultrasound may be absorbed and can put the baby at risk. All these apprehensions are not warranted and you can go for an ultrasound at ease and without any fear.

An ultrasound is done as part of your routine fetal monitoring process. Your doctor may ask you for an ultrasound toward the end of the second trimester or at the beginning of your third trimester. It is also the time when your ultrasound technician will be able to predict baby gender. Some technicians disclose the baby gender only when you make a request.

While some of them share your excitement when you catch a glimpse of your baby on the monitor making the event even more exciting, other prefer to be reticent and carry out what they are required to do – measuring and probing. Nonetheless, you can always ask him or her as many questions as you like.

Now coming to baby gender prediction with ultrasound, this technology can give reliable predictions. By the third trimester, your baby’s genital organ has developed and you can actually see it on the monitor. But this is not as easy as it sounds. A lot also depends on the skills of the technician and his or her experience.

Sometimes, the position of the baby is such that the genital organ is partially hidden. This is where the experience of the technician may come in handy. In such cases where the babies’ genital organs are fully obscured, there is little chance of accurately predicting baby gender. Nevertheless, you should never shy away from your ultrasound. It can always be exciting.