Baby High Chairs

Baby high chair is one of the most necessary furniture items that should be considered while purchasing accessories for a baby. By sixth month most of babies start to take solid foods and at this age it is difficult to keep the baby in the lap and feed him. Instead if there is a high chair then the baby can sit with the family around the dinning table and have their meals.

It will be convenient for the mother
too as she can feed the baby easily and it ensures baby’s safety and helps to develop a daily routine for the baby. Baby high chairs are available in different varieties such as reclining chairs, folding legs, adjustable heights, extra cushioned, water proof, washable etc and in different price ranges also.

Things to Be Considered While Purchasing the High Chair

Babies can use high chairs
from sixth month to around two years old and hence durability of the chair must be a major concern. Also consider the color and pattern of the chair so that it matches with the settings and furniture of the house. Check whether the baby is comfortable with his chair and the height of the chair matches with the dining table.

Also check the convenience
of cleaning, storage and transportability of the high chair depending on the requirements. Nowadays chairs which can be carried while traveling is also available.

Types of Baby High Chairs

Wooden high chair – most of the people are opting this type of high chairs as they matches well with the furniture, easy to clean and last for years. The draw back is that as it has a hard surface there are chances for the kid to bump his head or face.

Svan High Chair

This one of the most moving and unique high chair
available in the market now and its wood tones provides a gorgeous look. The height and width of the chair can be adjusted according to the size of the baby and then as the baby grows the tray attached in front can be removed and can be used as a chair for the table. Even adults can use this chair and hence it has multiple usages.

Boon Flair High Chair

This type of chairs has hidden wheels at the base which helps to move the chair easily and can be locked up with a step-button at the base. As it has no seam to trap the food, it can be cleaned easily and it has a removable foam pad to avoid mess.

Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair

This type has four recline positions which help the kid to relax after the meal and has seven levels of height adjustments and locking castor wheels for easy moving. Even though it looks big, it can be folded easily in to a small piece and it comes with a sleek Italian design.