Baby Massage-The Methods And Advantages

Baby massage is a child care practice which is being performed for centuries.The benefits reaped by the baby through a massage are numerous.

Massages provide a soothing experience for babies.It helps the baby to relax and will also enable them to sleep better. Massaging improves the blood circulation and also aids the muscle growth.

Proper massaging will also help to promoting healthy digestion in babies.It is seen beneficial to infants who show colic or who are suffering from cold.Regular massaging also helps to take care of eczema, rashes and other skin conditions

Massaging the baby also helps the mother to bond emotionally with her baby in a better way.All in all, it is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby.

For massaging your baby, choose a moment when he is quite and calm.Do not massage immediately after feeding the baby.The best time for performing a massage is before or after your baby’s bath.

You can position the baby in a soft towel in front of you.In another method you can sit with your legs stretched out and place the baby on a pillow kept on your lap.

The room temperature should be set in such a way that the baby is comfortable.
You can use mild natural oils like vegetable oil or almond oil for the massage.

After undressing your baby, begin by massaging your baby’s head.Massage in slow circular motions on his forehead and temples. You can then proceed to massage his face. Massaging around the mouth area will provide comfort to your baby if he is teething.

You can now massage his neck slowly and continue up to his shoulders.After massaging the shoulders, move on to massage his arms and fingers.You can then start to massage the stomach region of the baby.

Massage in circular motions starting from the centre of the abdomen and extend it till the hip region. Massage the legs and toes, by caressing them with your hands and pressing gently on the thighs.

Now,turn your baby around and start massaging in large and slow movements, starting from the back of the head all the way down till the foot.Do not apply any direct pressure on the spinal cord.

With this,the process of massaging your baby will be over.Now all you have to do is to wash your baby and dry him properly using a soft and clean towel.