Baby Massage

The medical world has come to accept the ancient child care practice of baby massage. Apart from improving blood circulation, massaging your baby will soothe and calm the child and will improve motor activity. Other benefits include good muscular development, overall health improvement, improved digestion and prevention of accumulation of gas within the child’s body. Baby massages do not necessarily need to be done only by a child care expert. You can give your baby a massage in the comfort of your own home. The following massage tips for babies will help you do it the proper way.

Tip 1

Before beginning the massage, keep everything that you need beside you and ready for use. Some of the essentials that you will need to keep handy include baby massage oils, clean diapers, clothes and tissues. Do not use aroma therapy oils on your baby. Stick to baby oils or vegetable oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Tip 2

Remove all bracelets and rings and trim your nails before you begin to massage your baby. You definitely do not want to run the risk of hurting your baby with jewellery or your nails.

Tip 3

Spread a soft towel on a flat surface and undress your baby. Place the baby on the towel so that it is lying on its back. Start off with just half a teaspoon of oil on your hands. Once you massage the oil into your hands, rub them together in order to generate heat and to make your palms warm.

Tip 4

With gentle but firm strokes of your fingers and palm, begin by massaging your baby’s stomach and chest with circular movements. Stroke across the child’s shoulders and use downward movements on the legs and arms. Upward movements should be used on the back.

Tip 5

Remember that your baby is delicate. Therefore, avoid applying too much pressure while massaging the little one. Also, avoid areas where injections or vaccines might just have been given as these areas might still be sore.

Tip 6

If you are stopping the massage, taper it off rather than suddenly ceasing it. Sudden cessation of contact will alarm the baby.

Tip 7

Take extra care to ensure that your baby’s eyes do not get oil into them. This can lead to irritation.

Tip 8

After the massage is done, wipe away excess oil with soft tissues and wrap your baby in a warm, clean towel.

Joy Natarajan