Baby Planning: Preconception Guide

Pregnancy brings joy to the woman who is pregnant and also to the man who caused the pregnancy! The joy will be permanent if precautions are taken to see that the pregnancy runs its full course. Thankfully, technology can help immensely in this.

Though a woman is ready for pregnancy from puberty, it is always better to wait until at least 19 or 20 years of age. The upper age limit seems to keep stretching even unto 70, if we go by news that we hear but, let us put it at 45 years of age as normal course.

Irrespective of age, however, preconception care is of utmost necessity. It is the healthy mother who gives birth to a healthy baby. Go for a complete medical check up before you embark upon the job (!) of getting pregnant. Infections like genital herpes, Chlamydia (this can damage the reproductive organs) are not conducive to a pregnancy and a healthy baby.

If you have a history of miscarriages or stillbirth, never go for the next pregnancy without the say-so of your gynecologist. Once you got set and are raring to go, chose a day of complete relaxation for the union. Abstinence of some three or four days should be allowed before this.

Do not, in your enthusiasm, extend this to weeks. Too many days old sperm loses it vigor. It should be the days of ovulation. Do not attempt too many times. Sperm loses its potency after the first time. Repeat after two or three days.

We strongly advise you to refrain from drinking for three or four days before the sexual intercourse. This advice is especially for the man. Liquor very badly affects the sperm. Smoking too is undesirable. Women should completely stop these two activities before the act and should not restart it until you stop breastfeeding.

Once doctor has declared your conception, make sure you adopt the diet chart consulted by doctor and never skip the medicines recommended to intake. Proper diet and advices medicines have been very crucial for child’s overall development physical as well as brain. And that for sure no mother despite of any complication would not like to take any risk.