Baby Safety Tips

Taking care of your baby is a handful tasks for parents. Parents are always on the worrying note for their kid’s safety. Kids as they start crawling become all the more difficult to handle. They are always on the move and end up doing some dangerous activities which lead to hurting themselves or choking hazards etc.Hence, it’s always advisable and better for parents to follow certain safety tips to avoid such undesirable incidences.

The first and foremost thing for the parents is to keep all the medicines ,toiletries and other poisonous things like floor disinfectant,naphthalene balls ,repellents etc out of reach of their  kids. Locking them in the drawers or cupboards such that kids are not able to open them is a better option.

While doing this, parents must make a point that they do not stuff the things in front of their kids and should always keep the keys of the lock with them or at places which is again beyond the reach of their kids.

Kids generally have the habit of putting their fingers in the electric points. Hence electricity points must be taken care of by plugging dummies in them.Pedestal fans etc should be avoided in kids room or in their playing room.

It’s always better to close the rooms specially bathrooms with a lock. Kids have the habit of playing with water and leaving them alone in bathroom is dangerous .Even while giving them bath, parents must be present there and should not leave them playing in tub .This reduces probability of hurting themselves .

Main entrance door, garden gates, terrace doors ,stair case should be closed with a lock to avoid kids going out on their own.

Parents must see that the furniture of the house as well as of the baby like his etc should have smooth edges so that it does not hurt kids. It should be placed in vicinity to the parents reach .Placing their furniture’s near windows or doors is risky and should be avoided.

Kids toys must be bought keeping in mind their kids age.Secondly,parents must ensure that the toys do not have sharp edges and are non toxic.So,branded toys of good quality must be preferd.In addition, parents must encourage their kids to play with their own toys rather than toys of  grown up kids. Parents must keep a close watch on the wear and tear of the small parts of the toys and should discard such toys. Playing with such toys increases the chances of chocking hazards.

Babies /kids have habit of picking up things from the floor and putting them in their mouth .So,the floor of the house as well as the playing area  should be clean and tidy.

Parents should always try to accompany their kids everywhere they go and should not leave them unattended either at home, car or in any departmental stores.While traveling with kids, appropriate car seats for the babies must be used and child lock of the car door must be practiced.

Raka Raghuvanshi