Baby Showers- The Perfect Time To Rejoice!

Baby showers are a time to rejoice and celebrate. They are the perfect occasions that bring friends and relatives together to welcome a new life. Baby showers not only signify birth but also lay emphasis on the existence of love and bonding with your loved ones.

The tradition of baby showers:

History tells us that baby showers are hosted and celebrated by several cultures of the world since ancient times. The word ‘shower’ stands for the ritual of showering the expectant mother with gifts for the baby to-be born.

This also explains why baby showers are hosted by a close friend or relative of the mother to-be as according to etiquette it is considered impolite to ask for gifts directly.

In olden days, baby showers were hosted only for the first child of the family and only women were allowed to attend them. The idea behind these showers was for women to exchange lessons on the art of motherhood.

Nowadays, baby showers have become occasions of partying and people go on to host them not only for the first born but for subsequent children of the family as well.

The perfect baby shower:

If you are looking to host the perfect baby shower, you must begin by chalking out a party plan. You need to fix up a guest list, theme, food, invites, decorations and return gifts.

Most baby showers last for about 2-3 hours and are hosted during the last trimester of the mother-to-be’s pregnancy. In case, you plan on throwing the shower after the birth of the baby, then the baby should be present as well.

Baby shower is a fun occasion and you need to throw in various baby shower games and activities so that the guests can have a blast. The theme of the baby shower needs to be selected with utmost care as everything at the shower- the cake, the decorations, the invites etc. revolve around it.

Some of the most popular baby shower themes include Noah’s Ark, candy land, little angel, nursery, shooting star, sports baby, Winnie the Pooh, little pumpkin etc. When it comes to baby shower food, you must remember to keep it light but there should be variety.

At the start of the shower, you must serve appetizers followed by snacks and soft drinks or juice. You can opt for hiring a caterer for the occasion or simply arrange for a buffet depending on the number of guests you have invited to the shower.

As a good host, it is your duty to give out thank you cards and return gifts at the end of the shower to the guests and also ensure that the expectant mother gets a chance to personally thank every guest for having attended the occasion.