Baby Skin Care

The caring for the skin of the baby is a part of everyday routine and is considered a top priority. The skin of the baby is very sensitive and needs proper care to maintain the health of the skin.

The mothers must ensure that the skin of the baby is rash-free. If you take proper care then there will be a general reduction in untoward skin conditions. It is advisable that you bathe the baby every alternate day or as directed by the pediatrician.

However, some mothers bathe their child on a daily basis which is not a bad idea after all. The babies are very sensitive to cold temperature so the air conditioning must be switched off and the room must be kept warm during the bath. Use cotton or bamboo towels to wipe away the water. This will prevent any accidental scratching.

Baby diapers are very helpful in disposing off the waste and to keep the baby clean. However, there is flip side too. Baby diapers can cause a condition called diaper rash. If the diaper is strapped too tightly around the waist and the groin, then the edges of the diapers show signs of redness.

If you are not changing the diapers on time then baby is prone to redness of skin or urinary tract infection. So make sure to change the diaper as soon as it gets wet. Most of the allergies of the skin can be treated at home but it is still advisable to seek the opinion of a physician. Do not depend on OTC drugs as they do more harm than good.

When your baby is facing skin problems, then it is best to go for medical consultation. Many parents have questioned the logic behind using cotton or bamboo towels to wipe the skin of the baby. It must be mentioned here that when you use cotton and bamboo towel, then you reduce the chances of hurting the outer layer of the skin of the baby.

The baby skin is not only soft but tender too; hence you must use very soft towels (cotton/bamboo) to wipe the skin. Skin care of the baby should be an important part of your baby care routine and not an issue to be ignored.

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