Baby Sleep Basics

There are many parents who struggle with getting their newborn (or even older) babies to sleep. Parents find themselves exhausted, frustrated and wondering if their baby will sleep through the night.
You can follow a few simple tips that may help you in getting an uninterrupted sleep.

Always try to follow a routine. If your baby sleeps till late in the morning, try waking him up a little earlier time everyday so that he can sleep properly at night.

When your baby takes his naps, do not encourage him to sleep for longer durations. Make him sleep in your living room or some well lit area so that his day time naps are short. You have to make them realize that night is for sleeping and this can be done by setting up a bedtime routine.

Regular nursing
sessions during the day help in satisfying the baby and reduce the middle of the night waking. Nurse your baby in a quiet room so that he does not get distracted by other things.

You can also try bathing your baby before taking him to bed. A warm bath relaxes the baby and thus encourages an easy transition to sleep.

If your baby awakes at night, do not switch on the bright lights. Try using a night bulb or dim lights so that your baby knows that it is night time and he must sleep.

Keep your bedroom area quiet and dark. The temperature of the room should be moderate. Do not dress your baby in tight clothes while sleeping. The crib of the baby should be comfortable and safe. Do not change the sleeping place everyday. Keep one place for baby’s sleep so that he realizes that this place is for sleeping and gets connected to that place.

You can try singing soft lullabies for your little one. Do not smoke around the baby while he is sleeping. This makes him very uncomfortable.

If your baby wakes up, check if he is feeling too cold or too hot. He may need a nappy change. Stay with your baby to soothe him back to sleep.
Do not forget to take rest when your baby sleeps.

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