Baby Slings

Preparing and making the first nursery for your newborn is simply a wonderful feeling. If you know the gender of your child you can even prepare the room in advance for him/her. This is a great feeling and you should never miss it at any cost. Some mothers’ paint their house pink in color when they know that a girl child is coming and the room can be painted in blue if you know that a lovely boy is on his way.

There are many options such as baby hammocks, bassinets, cribs and the more recently, the baby sling which can even put a restless one to a deep slumber. A naughty and extremely ‘busy’ baby can be difficult to contain at times but baby sling can easily do the trick. You can keep an eye on the child and continue with your regular household work. This will make your life a lot easier.

The use of baby slings has been found in many different countries of the world. The parents come to know of these slings through different books and the websites that are dedicated to parenting and the taking care of the new born. The sling can be used both for infants and the toddlers and this is a wonderful way to carry the baby around.

The sling is a boon for mom and dad as it can be carried easily. And some more wonderful news has started from neonatologists – babies carried in slings are less prone to colic and can also assist with reflux. However, you must follow the six point guideline when using baby slings –

1) The neck and the back of the baby must be kept straight.
2) There should be at least one finger space between the chin and the torso.
3) The fabric should have a decent opening for good air flow.
4) The child must not be rolled.
5) The baby must be kept under constant watch.
6) Do not lean over with the baby in the sling. It is dangerous.

Don’t purchase the bag style slings and the fabric must be natural with a good safety record. The material should be easy to clean too.