Baby’s Teeth: Need Special Care

Babies’ dental care is usually not given the attention that it deserves by the mothers. A good mother – you want to be one, don’t you? – Peers into the mouth of her baby to see if a hint of a tooth appears. Going gaga over it is not enough when it does. After every feed, go over the gum thoroughly with a soft cloth to clean off any residual milk in the mouth.

When the teeth, one by one, make their appearance start brushing them with a children tooth brush. Do not over do it. Twice a day is enough. You may undertake a visit to your dentist with the baby.

When the child is two or three, you can use full-pledged toothpaste – preferably fluoride – to brush. Fluoride hardens the enamel and keeps the teeth strong. Contrary to popular habit and the advertisement myths, it is just not necessary – this goes for adults too – to cover the strands from end to end with tooth paste.

A dentist will tell you that a pea sized small lump is adequate to clean your teeth. Besides, young children do not know or care to know even if you tell them, that tooth paste is not for swallowing. So do not give them the chance.

If your tap water does not contain the prescribed fluoride level, you might resort to asking your doctor. The tablets prescribed by him should not exceed the limit. Too much Fluoride can bring on stains to the teeth and spoil the natural looks.

Make sure the teeth are thoroughly cleaned of food after the child eats anything. The bacteria that enters the mouth will start reacting with the sugar in the food and produce acid which will slowly start corroding the teeth. Cavity is the result. Too much chocolates and candies etc are the enemies of healthy teeth.

Hence for healthy and shining teeth mom must prescribe good eating habits to the baby and make sure the periodical visit to dentist takes place. Last but not least feed into their brain the daily schedule of brushing twice for healthy teeth.