Baby Teething: When Do Babies Start Teething

Like his first steps and the moment he says “ma”, baby teething is a time that every parent waits for. Parents waiting for this milestone often anxiously ask their doctor regarding the age when their babies will start teething. Of course at that time you will have to deal with the problems of teething pain and a crabby child who is fussy about things. While the time for teething in babies may vary, the average time when babies start teething is around six to eight months.

Some children may start teething as early as four months. The result is the appearance of the first or primary set of twenty teeth that were already present at the time of birth of the baby and lay intact under the newborn’s gums.

Known as “milk teeth”, the primary teeth develop in the mother’s womb itself. When a child is six months old, the first middle teeth appear followed by the teeth at the sides and the back. After the appearance of the middle teeth, the first state of molars appears at around ten months to fourteen months.

This will differ for children and the entire process of appearance of the twenty teeth may take around three years by which the second set of molars at the back appears. These milk teeth remain till they are replaced by the permanent set of teeth at the age of seven to eight.

The first indication that your child is teething would be the constant drooling which can also lead to minor rashes around the baby’s neck. The children many be cranky due to the discomfort caused by symptoms of teething such as swelling and redness of the gums.

A slight fever along with diarrhea and vomiting are some of the other symptoms that signal that your baby has started teething. You may find your child trying to chew on things to alleviate the pain. Try to give your child things like frozen rings or a cold piece of cloth to chew on. This will help in reducing the pain and reducing the symptoms of teething. If the child has high fever or persistent bleeding rashes then it is best to consult a pediatrician at the earliest.

Parul Solanki