BabyTrouble at Fifteen Months

Parents are often anxious and want their children to be able to keep up with their fancies. Often the child fails their expectations and the parent is left wondering if the child is not developing adequately. They like to consult and get reassurance from their doctor at every point. Here are some of the anxieties and problems your child is likely to have at this stage.

Some children do not crawl at all, but start to walk directly. If your child is not crawling, give him time and do not stress yourself and him. Maybe he will surprise you one day by doing much better than you thought.

Children are found to walk on tip toe as it might be easier for them to get about faster. It is normal as your child has just learnt to walk. This is also more likely in children who have been used to being in a walker, as they get around on tip toe in it. If it persists, you might need to seek assistance.

Knock knees, bow legs, feet that turn either in or out are all problems you are likely to notice. The baby is all cramped up inside you with his feet up to his face. It is common to babies to have some of these problems when they are little. As they grow and start to walk, the muscles of the legs will pull the feet more, and they will straighten themselves out in most cases. If you have a history of any of these problems, your child has a chance of picking it up too.

Children are also likely to have flat feet since the arches will not have developed yet. The arches only develop as the child will grow, so give him time. If either parent has flat feet, you can expect that your child will have the tendency to get this more.

You should definitely get help if you find one or more of any of the following in your child.

If there is something about the development or the behaviour in your child which seems a little abnormal to you. This is one thing you cannot take a chance with. Get a medical opinion as soon as you can.

If you think your toddler is not able to see or hear clearly. These are often just perceptions, but if there is a problem, you would want it corrected at the earliest.

If your baby is not interested in his surroundings. Children who do not want to look, learn and explore normally have some deficit. They should also be babbling by this time. If they are not, it needs some attention.

If your baby is not able to stand holding something for support, get him to a doctor at once.