Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is a problem troubling most women during pregnancy. It is a very common pregnancy issue and is caused due to the increasing load imposed on the backbone during the time of pregnancy. A large number of physical changes can happen to the body quickly causing discomfort and pain for most women.There are many ways to ease the problem of back pain during pregnancy.Exercising regularly is a solution to the problem of pregnancy backaches. Pregnant women are advised to do stretching exercises to ease the back pain.

Pelvic tilt exercises in your early pregnancy and lower abdominal exercises are also a much recommended option. Swimming and walking can also be done as all these exercises help very much in the strengthening of the backbone. Be sure to get professional advice before venturing into exercises

Do not wear high heeled shoes. Opt for flat soles as they are proven to be more safe and comfortable. If you are that particular on wearing heels, wear low heeled shoes with good arched support for your spine and backbone.

With the growing baby the centre of gravity of the body shifts forward causing you to unknowingly strain the lower back muscles while trying to adjust to the change. Improve your posture. Sit straight and tall, pulling your shoulders back. Do not stand for long. Choose a chair with is comfortable for you and provide support to your back with pillows.

Take care of your sleeping position. Do not sleep on your back as it puts extra pressure and load on your spine. Try sleeping, by tilting sideways. Sleep by tucking a wedge shaped pillow under your tummy.

Acupressure, prenatal yoga and massage techniques are also recommended methods for back pain relief. Supportive nursing bras without underwires are to be worn as they provide better support for the breasts, thus causing less strain to the neck and upper back. A maternity support belt is also a very good idea of reducing back pain, while standing and even while lying down.

Take enough rest. Having a warm water bath will provide a great relief from your backache problems. Do not take pain killers and also avoid self medication.

Back pain if not taken seriously can cling on to you even after pregnancy. By taking appropriate care, the problem of back pain during pregnancy can be kept under control.