Back To Work After Childbirth

It is good to get leave even for up to one year before you actually resume work after your pregnancy. Childbirth and child rearing is especially difficult and time consuming. You will find yourself exhausted most of the time, and if you get back to work too soon, you will not be able to give enough time or do justice to your work or to the baby.

There are lots of options available for you when you decide to go back to work. Start by going slow. You can go for half a day or work part time initially. The company that you were working for may allow you to work from home.If you are going to work when your baby is still feeding, you will need to express some milk and keep it for the baby.

Where you leave your baby when you go for work is very important. It depends on the amount you can afford in child care. Avoid taking up a job that required a lot of travel and needs you to be away from home. There are chances that you will feel guilty about leaving the baby and going to work, but you will get over it with time. You may find that the additional income will benefit you and your baby in more ways than by your being a stay at home mom.

You may need to change your baby’s routine if you are planning to leave him and go to work. When you do go to work, make sure the time you spend at home is shared by your spouse and you.

Allow your spouse to help you during the night as you will be waking up to feed the baby. This could affect your work efficiency as well. If you feel that you are at work and constantly thinking about and worrying about your baby, it probably goes to show that you are not yet ready to leave your baby and get back to work.

You may need some child care arrangements in order to start work. See which works for you in terms of time and money.

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