There are very few women who may not experience back pain before and after pregnancy. Back pain comes as part of the pregnancy package and most women ignore the same for too long. Back pain usually starts around the eighth month. As your stomach grows you tend to tilt backwards and put strain on it. Even in the early month’s lots of women without realizing tilt a bit backward to show off their pregnant stomach.

Even the delivery process puts tremendous strain on the back. It needs as much care as the baby. Once the baby comes there is somehow no time for the new mother and the care you may have taken before will be forgotten quickly. All the time will be devoted to the baby. Do remember your back pain is only going to get worse.

This can be kept somewhat in control wit a bit of care. Every time you lift the baby, change the baby; bathe the baby you are bending forward. This is putting strain on your back. Make sure you sit in a comfortable position always while feeding the baby. Investing in a feeding pillow will be quite helpful.

Now day’s adjustable cots are available which do not require you to bend so much. Take as much help you can from anyone who volunteers to give it to you. After each feed pass the baby on to someone else and allow them to burp the baby. Lie down on the bed sideways, not on your back every chance you get. It would do you a lot of good if you could take a back massage every day. You can tie a heating pad around your back to ease a bit of the pain. Strengthen your back by doing a few back exercises. Do this only after the second month has passed as your body is yet going through a healing process with the birth of your little one.

If you have taken good care during your pregnancy it will surely pay off later. Correct sleep posture and standing posture should be maintained at all times. Make sure you always sit on a chair that has good back support. If you need to stand for long periods of time keep shifting your weight from one leg to another. Take care.