Balance Of Diet Is Necessity While You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant, eating the right kind of food is very important. Proper foods play a very important role in your strength and health during pregnancy. It also ensures the best possible development for your child.

Most of the time, pregnancy diets are not carefully monitored, resulting in problems like miscarriage, disability, child mortality and low weight during birth.

Important foods to be taken during pregnancy:

It is imperative that you follow a diet which is well balanced, when you are pregnant. The pregnancy diet should essentially comprise of essential minerals, proteins, vitamins , fatty acids and carbohydrates which a baby requires.

These are usually sourced from natural wholesome foods. You could also consider foods like cheese, milk and pasteurized eggs as these are excellent calcium sources that are needed for the healthy development of the child’s bones and teeth. If the food that you eat is not pasteurized, you could be prone to miscarriage and infection as such kind of food can contain bacteria like listeria.

Sea food is a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. These are required for developing your baby’s behavioral and verbal skills as well as his overall growth. You should avoid eating large fish such as king mackerel, shark and swordfish.

These fish contain very high mercury levels as well as other pollutants within their systems. Mercury harms the development of the child’s nervous system. Shellfish like mussels, clams and oysters could also be avoided as they are likely to contain listeria which in turn causes infection as well as miscarriage.

If you are a responsible pregnant woman, your diet should include strawberries, Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits, green beans and potatoes. Such food is rich in vitamin c which helps your body to absorb iron, protects your body tissues from damage and helps in building your immunity system.

Iron is particularly important for producing haemoglobin in your blood which will make sure that your fetus receives the right amount of oxygen. If you are pregnant,  you must also eat green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and peas which are wonderful folic acid sources. Folic acid is essential for pregnant women as it helps to develop the brain and spinal cord.