Balanced Diet During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, it becomes essential for her to start eating a healthy diet. A lot of women do not find it important enough to be cautious about their diet; however it is imperative that you maintain a very healthy diet all through your pregnancy.

Pregnancy includes conditions like morning sickness, sudden cravings for different types of foods and many more. In regard to that it is very important that your diet does well to keep you healthy. Contrary to common belief it is rather simple to maintain a healthy diet for pregnant women.

Pregnant women get cravings for all sorts of foods. That it why when planning their healthy and balanced diet there is room to add a lot of different types of healthy foods. All these food items need to revolve around proteins and carbohydrates because these are the two most important nutrients required by pregnant women. When pregnant your average daily calorie requirement shoots up to around 2500 calories a day. This is because she needs to provide adequate calories for her growing baby.

It is recommended that you eat vegetables full of starch rice, cereals and whole-wheat foods because they will benefit your body the most. Eat lots of fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, and legumes to provide your body with lots of protein because all these products are protein rich. Food items like spinach, green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts are very important for the diet as they help in preventing the deficiency of iron and folic acid in the mother’s and the fetus’ body. If necessary you should also take supplements that provide the body with folic acid as this is very, very important for the baby’s development.

Vitamins are also very crucial during pregnancy. Having the right amount of vitamins help in developing the child and keeping the mother from getting tired too often. However if you are not having any dairy products then it is very important that you consume the right amounts of vitamin supplements to keep your body strong. Eat right and have nutritional food and you will have a very healthy pregnancy and baby.


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