Balanced Diet For Pregnant Women

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is essential for her to start eating the most healthy and nutritious diet she possibly can. Many times, due to sudden cravings or morning sickness, women many not want to eat a balanced diet.However, for the health of both the mother and the child, the need for a diet with all the nutrients that are required should be fulfilled. A balanced diet for pregnant women is easy to maintain, since it includes many different kinds of foods and can be altered to suit individual tastes.

The two most important requirements in such a diet are proteins and carbohydrates. A pregnant woman needs more calories than others every day to keep her daily energy needs fulfilled. Eating vegetables full of starch, rice, cereals and whole wheat foods is recommended.

As for protein, one should have fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes and wheat. Spinach, other green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts are required to prevent iron and folic acid deficiency in the body. Both are essential for the growth of the baby, especially folic acid. One should take folic acid in a supplement form as well in the required dosage.

While trying to have to maintain a balanced diet for pregnant women, having the correct vitamins in the right dose is very important. Vitamins keep the mother from suffering fatigue and in the development of the systems of the child. Most of the vitamin needs can be completed with foods like citrus fruits, dairy products, green vegetables, breads, ham, fish and poultry.

However, it is recommended to take additional vitamin supplements during pregnancy, especially if one is a vegetarian who does not have any dairy products as well. Dairy products are also the one good source for calcium, which should be taken in a tablet form in case of lactose intolerance.

As most women will know, one should avoid alcoholic drinks completely during the pregnancy. However, even the intake of large amounts of caffeine and herbal drinks can be harmful after a certain stage. Apart from them, a lot of water along with fruit juices makes for the last important bit of a balanced diet for pregnant women.


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