Basic Sleeping Discipline for Your Kid

Sleeping has a much important role to play in proper growth of your child. According to recent studies, growing children requires at least 8-9 hours of sleep in a daily basis. So you have to ensure that your child is getting enough rest and enjoying a good night sleep. This cannot be done forcibly. You have to arrange a proper atmosphere, proper setup and a set of rules, so that your kid gets habituated to the routine of sleeping.

Fix a suitable time for going to bed, after which you should not allow him to stay back. Your kid should follow this discipline consistently until it grows to become a habit.

Arrange the room with proper furniture and lighting. Make the room well ventilated, so that your child does not feel suffocating. Also do not make the room crowded with lots of furniture. During winter time, the room should be comfortably warm. When your kid goes to bed, switch to a dimmer light.

Indulge your kid to follow a bedtime routine, which should include brushing the teeth, washing up and going to the toilet. Also make him drink a glass of water to avoid dehydration during sleeping.

Even if your child does not feel sleepy enough, you should strictly send him to the bed. You may start a storytelling routine to help your kid to get asleep quickly. Once he learns to read books, help him to go through a story book at the bed time. Bed time is also the best time to initiate the habit of reading books.

If your child wakes up at the middle of the night, attend him at once. He might feel frightened from a nightmare or he might have stomach ache. You must know the reason of getting up, before you again put him into bed. Try to soothe him, until he feels good and gets asleep of his own.

After a good night sleep he must wake up in right time of the morning. Staying late in bed is also not a good habit. He should also learn to get up at proper time, as he has to follow this routine of sleeping and waking up for the rest of his life.