Be a Good Role Model

The world today is a very competitive one and the ideas of competition start at a very early age. Parents play a very important role in the development of the child. Often children are a reflection of their parents.

A child should be made to feel very comfortable and secure at home. They should feel that they can discuss anything with their parents. Listen to them; however silly the problem may sound; understand that if the child is telling you about it then it is important to them. Parents are so busy working that lots of kids grow up in the care of domestic help or with their grandparents.

Parents are the ones who mostly influence the kids. Spending quality time with the child is very important. Sit together for at least one meal of the day and everyone should collectively talk about their days. This gives the child a sense of well being. Do not say things to the child that you will regret. Do not compare him with others as you will only lower his self esteem. Rather than finding his faults praise him for something small him he may have done.

Allow the child to make some decisions by himself as this will help him gain confidence. Do not fight with your spouse in his presence and raise your voice and talk. Kids are learning and picking up all that you do. So besides handling your child carefully; it is important to maintain your own dignity.

Avoid getting in the rat race wherein you want your child to excel in everything. Competition is good but can be done in a healthy way. Tell your child how much you love him and will always for exactly what he is.

Be sensitive to your child’s needs and take care in understanding their emotional needs. Children are very vulnerable and they need to be handled with tender loving care rather than with harsh punishment and nasty words. Do not be over critical with your child and do not show your disappointment to them as this will only lower their self esteem.