Be the ‘supermom’: 7 effective tips to stay healthy during your pregnancy.

The most memorable and gifted experience for all the women is of attaining motherhood. After all you are the royal entrance through which future generation will come through. It is a moment of joy, a moment of nervousness but it can go well if you (all the expecting mommies!) can take tare of yourself during the pregnancy.

Those 9 months is crucial and vital both for you and your baby and these important 7 tips will help you and your baby to remain healthy.

Regular consultation from a certified physician: Now that you are pregnant be ready to receive flood of advice from all your aunts, mom, sister, and other well-wishers but you should always consult a doctor regularly, preferably a obstetrician/gynecologist. In the initial months it is advised to consult the physician after every 3-4 weeks for a general health check up.

Avoid doing physically challenging tasks: Please don’t try to be overtly cautious about the needs of your husband and other family members and try to do regular house activities like cleaning, dusting etc. which can be harmful for the baby. Although it is okay to do the jobs with less physical activity, it is always recommended to recruit a nurse or midwife during that period. You should always look for one who has formal certification in that respective field.

Relax on your diet plan: Now that you need more nutrition (for one more person!), do not stick to your usual diet plan and try to eat healthy food as recommended. During the later stages of your pregnancy when the baby grows up fast, you might need extra 250-400 calories depending on your health. Try to avoid junk foods and consume green vegetables, fruits, lean meat, low-fat products and carbohydrates. Take recommended dose of vitamin and calcium, Folic Acid and iron supplements for overall development of the baby.

Adequate fluid intake: It is very important to consume enough water during pregnancy to avoid dehydration and constipation.

Moderate exercise: Light aerobic exercise will help you to keep in shape, be more energetic and reduce labor pain.

Sleep well: Sleeping for at least 8 hours is necessary to reduce symptoms of lethargy.

Avoid drugs and alcohol: Do not have drugs, cigarette, alcohol and any un prescribed medicine which may adversely affect your baby. Get ready to welcome the junior!