Beauty Sleep for Your Baby

Mother’s love to seetheir children asleep. For one, every child, no matter how troublesome, looks like a little angel when they are sleeping. The mother also knows that the child will be rested and fresh when he wakes up. This also gives the mother the time to take rest, finish any other work she might have, or even get some quality time to herself with no interference from the  baby.

When the baby is just born, he will sleep most of the time, waking up only for his feeds or if he has soiled his clothes. Although he will sleep a lot, he will also wake up every few hours to be fed since he has a stomach which is very small and can only take in small quantities of food. The child may sleep more in the day and less at night, but there is little you can do to intervene with his schedule at this stage.

As the child grows, he will spend more hours awake. You may find your child taking a mid morning nap, one in the afternoon and a nap late in the evening. He will then start to sleep through the night if he is well adjusted. As your child grows, get him into the habit of sleeping through the night, only waking up for feeds if necessary. This practice can take very long to bring in if the child is not taught early.

As the child becomes a little older, closer to a year old, you should try and do away with the habit of the mid morning nap. What effectively happens is that the child’s sleep is divided, and he will not sleep for long either mid morning or in the afternoon. Even though it may be a little difficult initially, you should stretch the child and only let him sleep after his lunch.

He will sleep soundly, sleep longer and better. This is better for the mother as well. Repeat the same for the evening nap, and keep the child awake till dinner time. Take him out and distract him. Give him dinner early if need be, but let him get used to sleeping only after eating. This will take a while to achieve but will be well worth it.