Bed Wetting – A Serious Concern

Bed wetting could turn to be a nightmare for many of the new parents. At the beginning days, it is quite natural for the child, because she is yet to learn the way to control her urinary muscles. But as she grows up to a toddler, she should learn to control herself and the problem of bed wetting will get solved automatically. For some children the problem persists for quite a long time.

In some situation, it might be a medical problem, but otherwise the parent has to take the initiative to teach and motivate their child to come out of this problem.

Initially, you should use diapers at night, to take care of this problem. However, you cannot go on using diapers forever. At some point of time, you have to stop using diapers and face this problematic situation of bed wetting. So, it is better to take off the diapers once your child can sit on a potty and it is time to start the training. The best way to train her will be to get up at midnight and to make her sit on the potty for passing the urine.

It might sound incredible for the parents and baby, but it does work. If you follow this routine for few weeks, you will get the good result. You may use an alarm to be up for performing this procedure. Even after few months your baby will get up of her own, when she feels like urinating.

Bed wetting
also gets controlled once your baby starts on solid foods. Many pediatricians suggest feeding your baby less water or liquid once the sun goes down. You should make a routine for your child to sit on the potty, before she goes to her bed. As she grows up, you need to prepare her mentally also. By continuous effort you have to make her understand that bed wetting is not the right thing to do. All these measures together do help to control the bed wetting.

In some situations, there might be some medical problem for which the bed wetting cannot be controlled even at the teen days. In this case, you have to take proper medical guidance to treat your kid, either physically or mentally.