Bed Wetting in Kids

Bed wetting is a common problem in kids and is found to be more in boys as compared to girls. It’s more of a hereditary problem than any other medical problem. Generally as kids grow they start developing the habit of controlling their bladder when it’s full.

However, in case of kids having bed wetting problems, they do not have this control over their bladder and  at night they wet the bed. During their deep sleep, kids imagine themselves peeking in washrooms and thus wet the bed instead while in some cases, these kids do not realize the fact that they are full and it automatically empties and hence wet the bed subconsciously.

A child undergoing bed wetting experiences many emotional problems, stress and embarrassment.So, parents must help their kids to overcome this problem of bed wetting.

Sometimes the child find certain changes in their parents attitude towards them and this may leave them insecure, unsafe and unloved which either triggers the existing problem or may become the reason for bed wetting.So,parents must always provide unconditional love and support  to their kids and provide them safe and secure home atmosphere.

In some cases, when a new siblings comes in the family, all the attention starts pouring to the younger infant.So, the elder sibling develops a sense of insecurity and hence in order to gain the attention they prolong their infancy and hence do not want to accept the basic responsibility like going to toilet etc.Therefore, parents must always try and maintain their balance of love and affection towards their kids.

Kids when wet their bed at night feel embarrassed and shame about her habit and know they are giving problem to their family members .So, parents instead of scolding them should encourage them to develop certain practices in them .Like ,

  • Parents must ask their kids to go to washroom and empty their bladder before going to bed. Even in mid nights, parents can take their kids to bathrooms.
  • Don’t give fluids or water to such kids few hours after dinner or before going to bed.
  • Some bladder exercises to control.
  • Take the help of doctors if bed wetting continues even after seven or eight years, frequency increases etc.

Parents must understand the fact that kids do not wet their beds at night intentionally or because of their lazy behavior. But it’s because they do not have any control over it and hence can’t help doing anything about it.So, parents must help them to cope up with the frustration and anger caused by bed wetting and sort out the same.

Raka Raghuvanshi