Bedtime Routines for your Baby

Your baby is growing up and this fact is most obvious because she doesn’t sleep for most part of the day. She plays and has become quite active. This is the right time to establish a bedtime routine. This article stresses the need for having a bedtime routine for your little one and methods to establish it.

A good time to start establishing a bedtime routine is when your baby is around six to eight months old. A predictability factor ensures that your baby gets a good night’s sleep and indirectly calms you down. This early sleep habit holds good for the rest of her life too

To make your own bedtime routine do keep in mind the following guidelines.

The most important aspect that you should be aware of, is consistency in your routine. Your baby loves routine and if they know what is going to happen next they feel safe and secure. So if you plan to include a bath session before bedtimes remember to maintain that activity everyday for a long duration of time.

The ritual should not be more than a sixty minute affair and there should not be too many components to it. Activities before bedtime should target towards calming the baby’s mind and not make her excited, so story reading session and songs are a big yes, running around and playing noisily a big no.

Some common activities which could form a part of your baby’s bedtime routine are giving your baby a short, relaxing bath, you can add some lavender oil to calm and soothe her. Putting on pajamas to go to bed is a good way to get comfortable before bedtime. For toddlers a good bedtime ritual could include brushing their teeth, this makes them feel just like Mommy and Daddy. Introducing a training toothpaste and teaching this activity before bedtime is a good way to reinforce the need for hygiene in our lives.

Before climbing onto her bed give your baby a chance to say good night to everyone in the house and then slowly turn off the lights. A good way to end your bedtime ritual is with a storytelling session. Decide and agree in advance the number of pages that would be read. A lullaby too, works wonders during bedtime and is a time tested successful method to lull your baby into a comfortable sleep.