Beginning to Crawl

Once your baby is born and you have crossed three months you keep waiting for the baby to do something new. Sitting, smiling, babbling all causes excitement. As the baby grows he becomes more alert and responsive. But remember as the baby grows it also gets quite difficult.

For the first six to seven months you can easily lie down and rest with your baby as he does not move much. You are surely waiting for him to crawl; but remember this part of your baby’s progress is quite difficult for you. Once your baby begins to crawl you need to be especially careful. Kids love exploring and they will crawl straight to the electric points.

Once they are crawling you can never leave them unattended. As they are crawling on the ground; you need to keep your floor very clean and mop it at least twice a day as your baby is also putting his hands in his mouth after crawling.

You also need to keep your child’s hands clean while they are crawling. You will find your child getting more ill once he begins to crawl. eye infections are also common with certain children once they begin to crawl; as they keep rubbing their eyes with their dirty hands.

Once they start to crawl you cannot leave them on the bed as it takes a fraction of a second for them to fall off. You will find that looking after the baby before he started to crawl was mush easier. The more they move the more they explore and the tougher it gets for you.

If you have a carpet in your house it is better to remove it while your baby is crawling. The stage of crawling is actually the most difficult and tiring for the parent as you need to be very attentive of your child. You have to see that there are no small objects lying around the house as the child can put it in the mouth. Also keep all bathroom doors locked and if you have a staircase; make sure you block it for a while.