Being A Good Parent Is Not Guarantee

Being A Good Parent Is Not GuaranteeBeing a good parent is not a guarantee. Looking at how fast this thing is growing in terms of not only age, but also his/her thoughts, actions and behavior, parents have started questioning whether they are giving their best shot at parenthood or not.

Believe it or not, there is a growing competition between parents and their counterparts to outdo each other. Who is the best mom? Who’s a capable father? Are you giving your child the best? Are you giving your child what other child has?

These questions have left every parent mind boggled about being a good parent or not. Like there is no guarantee to life, there is nothing that could guarantee a parent to be a good one.

No matter how much money you have how knowledgeable you are or how close are you with your child. At times, doing everything for your child may not seem enough.

How can you Describe a Good Parent?

There is no perfect definition for being a good parent. It is an assortment of number of things that makes you one. How you behave with your child? How involved are you in your child’s life?

How much bond you two share? Some parents fulfill every wish of their child but does that guarantee you being a good parent? The answer is no. if you, irrespective of what your child demands, have been giving him/her everything does not make you a perfect example of a good parent.

A good parent is one who makes his/her child understand about what one needs and what one wants. There is big difference in being needy of something and wanting something. If you are capable of making your child understand that, you could be a good parent.

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Money does not Guarantee Being a good Parent

No matter how rich you are, it does not make you a good parent. Often, we hear incidents where a child is estranged from his/her rich parents because they are not physically present in the child’s life. Showering with expensive gifts does not guarantee of you being a good parent.

On the other hand, a middle class parent could be a perfect good parent. He may not have that money or means to fulfill every demand made by his child but definitely knows where to draw the line.

Raising your child with good values, inculcating discipline in their lives as well as in theirs too, knowing your child’s psychology, being aware of how your child needs to be handled are some of the traits of a good parent.

Being a Good Parent is a Slow Process

No one becomes a good parent overnight. It’s a lifelong process where one has to be in the child’s life, from a baby to a grown man/woman. A “good parent” label is generally given by the child itself.

You should not really bother about other parents as long as you have a great relationship with your own child. Remember, a child always look up to his/her parents for advice. Be clear in your thoughts so that it reflects in your child too.

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