Being a Mother of 2

There is a big difference in being a mother of 2 and being a mother of 1. A mother of 2 will have less time on her hands and will have to spend quality time with both kids and ensure that neither feel neglected. This can sometimes be quite a task especially if the kids do not get along. However there are some benefits of having two kids like they do play together and entertain each other at times.

The easy thing is that since you have already been looking after your older one for a few years you will be able to bring up the second one more easily. You will not panic and rush to the doctor every time something happens to your second one. You will already know what medication is required for certain ailments and will be able to give medication yourself.

Putting you second child in school is also easier as you have already found out about most schools and are absolutely familiar with the school your first born has been to.So even this does not seem to be a problem and becomes a sort of repetitive process for you. You are most likely going to choose the same high school for your second child and the kids go and come together and it becomes much easier for you.

You will not make the same mistakes with your second child that you had made with the first one. You will be much more confident in raising and bringing up the second one. You will find people who have one child asking you for pointers on raising two kids. Sometimes having two kids can be beneficial especially if they get along. They can play together and you will find that you have a lot more free time on your hands. Having one child can be more difficult as at home the child is dependant on you for everything and expects you to play and spend a lot more time with him.

You will already know the vaccinations that the child needs and all the milestones he is expected to cross at various stages and you become less anxious in the case of your second child as compared to your first one.